Mission & Curriculum

Mission Statement of the
Sunman-Dearborn Community Band Programs


We care about the welfare and development of all children
We believe in the unique power of a quality instrumental music education to foster and develop essential character traits in every child that we teach.
We believe in the unique ability of a quality instrumental music education to most importantly provide our children with an emotional aesthetic education, a true sense of self-worth and empowerment.



• Students will be able to demonstrate superior levels of achievement through the musical performance of a variety of genres.
• Students will be able to develop and discern quality in music.
• Students will be able to develop and discern a sense of “team” where every musician is a “starter” who is valued for their unique contributions.
• Students will demonstrate a mastery of skills based upon a tangible list of criteria.
Students will show an understanding and ability to demonstrate in measurable terms, responsibility, self-discipline and self-worth through their actions and words because of the inherent aesthetic properties of a quality music education.


Teachers will seek out the best models of literature, practice, performance and methods to reach all learners.
Teachers will demonstrate the best example for students.
Teachers will strive to constantly update and develop skills through technology, literature and conferences to better accommodate all learners.


• Parents will encourage their children to practice, be patient and to be consistent in their efforts.
• Parents will encourage attendance to all required events during and beyond the school day as described on the band calendar.
• Parents will seek out examples of model players through recordings, concerts and lessons outside of the school day.
Parents will support all policies and guidelines as per the signed agreement in the band handbook.


• Administrators will provide the directors and students with the funding, scheduling, support of policies, curriculum, and professional development that will ensure the growth and future success of the program.